Wedding Dress Alterations



All prices are a guide based on dresses having two layers
Prices vary depending on style of each dress.

Actual cost will be given on first fitting before any work is carried out.

Consultation charge is £20 which will be deducted off the final cost when alterations are completed

Wedding Dress


Take in bust £ 75.00p
Take in side seam’s £55.00p
Take in bust and side seam’s £120.00p
Take in waist £50.00p
Take in hips £60.00p
Take in waist and hips £90.00p
Shorten length (front only) £100.00p
Shorten length on lace or embroidered hem’s (front only) £190.00p
Take in bust, side seam’s and shorten length (front only) £230.00p
Take in bust, sides, waist and hips £230.00p
Take in bust, sides, waist, hips and shorten length (front only) £330.00p
Taking train of dress £160.00p
Taking train of and shorten front £250.00p
Putting in lace up back £60.00p
Extra boning (each pair) £10.00p
Wristband £ 5.00p
Ribbon bustle (each) £5.00p
Shorten straps from £25.00p to £5.00p
Lift shoulders £20.00p
Sew in bust cups £5.00p


Bridesmaid/Prom dress
Take in bust £ 35.00p
Take in side seam’s £ 30.00p
Take in bust and side seam’s £ 55.00p
Shorten length £ 30.00p
Take in bust, side seam’s and shorten length £ 80.00p
Lift shoulders £ 15.00p
Shorten straps £ 5.00p

Extra boning (each) £ 5.00p